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Arvin Kala Kimiya Alborz Company boasts over a decade's worth of experience in importing raw materials for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries. Our extensive range of inventory and ability to provide custom orders in a minimal timeframe have enabled us to foster a dependable infrastructure that is committed to serving esteemed manufacturers.

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Arvin Kala Kimia

Product Authenticity

We have confirmed the quality authenticity of our merchandise through attestation, and we make use of all our endeavors in the pursuit of sourcing genuine and premium quality goods.

Immediate Supply

The prompt provision of our clients’ orders stands as one of the fundamental principles at Arvin Kala, and we persistently endeavor to attain customer contentment.

Competitive Price

In addition to quality and prompt services, competitive pricing also stands as a prominent aspect that we consistently strive for, by offering our products and services at justifiable rates.


Procuring goods is one of the fundamental pillars for establishments engaged in pharmaceutical raw materials supply, and with our widespread networks, the sourcing phase poses no challenges.

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Arvin Kala Kimia, supplier of a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials

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